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Home PC Repair

In most cases when your computer is updated and cleaned on a routine basis it will run correctly without any problems.  Sign up today for monthly cleaning.

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Business Computer Repair 

We are here to aid you with Business PC Repair in Chicago whether you have a store front or your running a business from your home. Either way we understand that it is important to have your computer up and running.

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Web Development

Make your online presence stand out with web development from the pros at Geeks in Chicago. Get a website designed to fit your needs. Your website design should show what your target market is looking to see.

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Our Services

Chicago Computer Repair

Free on-site diagnosis Chicago Metro area for fast computer repair


Chicago PC Repair and Online <arketing

Free pick-up and delivery Chicago Metro area  for computers that take longer than 4 hours

Chicago Internet Marketing Scheduled strategy meetings for Online Marketing Chicago Metro Area

Computer Repair Chicago Metro

Chicago Computer RepairChicago Home Computer RepairChicago Business Computer Repair

At Geeks in Chicago we are dedicated to get your computer back up and running brand new again within 24 – 48 hours.  We are located on the south side of Chicago. We serve the Chicago Metro area for 1 or more computers.  Geeks In Chicago works on all computers remotely or at your residents.  We have trained techs to handle any computer: errors, virus, system configuration, back ups and update problems that you may be experiencing.  

Contact Geeks In Chicago @ 872-228-4666 and schedule a tech today   

Data Recovery

Have you lost data on your hard drive?  Does your computer freeze up at times?  Does your computer stay at a black screen and windows never loads up?

Virus removal

Do you keep getting nasty pop up screens when your computer boots up?  Do you have error messages?


Let the pros at Geeks In Chicago set up and maintain your network to keep fast and reliable internet speed

Website design 

Do you have a Website?  Get the business leads you need to survive in this global economy.

Computer Repair in general is always ongoing.  The moment you start using your computer it goes through millions of information.  The information on your computer specifically your programs need to be updated.  Updating your computer doesn’t happen automatically.  This becomes an issue over time if you don’t update the programs on your computer on a regular basis.   PCs last a long time when you take care of them. Computers give you access to everything you need to run your business successfully whether you’re at home or have a store front in Chicago and suburbs. Down time of your computer can make you lose customers and that’s not good at all. We have a team dedicated to make sure this doesn’t happen. Computers slow down and break down all the time, that’s the nature of the beast. Routine maintenance is the best solution for computers used for extensive lengths of time. The internet opens the door to many things. When thinking of all the good things the internet offers theirs also bad things. No one is 100% safe from viruses even with the most expensive virus protection. Geeks in Chicago prefer Norton 360 over any other virus protection. 9 times out of 10 your computer is repairable no matter what your computer is doing. Let our technicians at Geeks in Chicago come up with the best solution to get your computer running fast and staying that way.

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