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Website Development

Chicago Website Development and Design Building your online presence is vital for your business to survive.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing and Website DevelopmentWebsite and Social media pages need to be updated weekly.

Website Basics|

A website is a virtual portfolio for your customers to see what services or goods you offer.  Your website is a snippet of what you or your business is.  Having the best information on your site will set you apart from your competition.  A website consists of many pages, videos, pictures and colors.  How many of each of these will depend on you.


Target Market|


Your target market is searching though 100s of different websites to find the right one.  A plane website that is easy to read with a couple of pictures and video will meet many different target markets.  When you have a site you need enough information but not a lot to let your customers know you have everything under control that they need done.


Online Marketing |

When a person comes to your website they want to know you better.  When they find your website and like it their going to research your online presence.  Your customer will then put your business name in their search engine to see what comes up.  All of your Social Media information will now appear in the results of any search engine.  


Search Engines |

Every search engine is different when indexing your website.  The search engine looks for how many times you use a word or key word phrase.  These words are what come up in search results.  When you search chicago computer repair this site appears in the first 10 pages of every search engine.  Those 3 words appear 100s of times on this website and are the most searched keyword phrase on this site.  Your keyword or phrase needs to be known before the writing of your website can be done, this is very important.  


Wrapping it all up

When you have these basic aspects of your online presence done you will see a big difference in how much business you get from the internet.


You may already have a website that needs fixing and activity.  Let our trained technicians look at your site and come up with a plan to drive customers to your business.