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Website Design digital way to new customers  


Website design can be  complicated and simple at the same time.  Do you have the time to figure out the tricks and  short cuts to get your website built?  Do you have enough money to pay for a great website?  These are questions you answer when you do your marketing budget.  When your website goes live it’s time to see what your investment is worth.  When you get your website built by Geeks In Chicago we guarantee satisfaction.  We will  send you monthly statistics of your progress in the top 3 search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. Get your website seo friendly at Geeks In Chicago.  Within 6  months you will be in the top 10 pages of every search engine.  Get updates to your website weekly boosts your credibility on the web.


Website Price List

Template Design | colors | menus | flash                           $300.00

Writing  up to five pages                                                  $250.00

Video Editing  price for 1 video                                         $60.00

Picture Editing  price for 1                                               $40.00

Weekly Updates | blog posts | changing around content     $25.00


Free up your hard drive

Is your Computer Working Properly?

Optimise your Hard Drive.

Sometimes you have programs running on your computer that you don’t need.  These programs  take up valuable space.  To check your programs follow these steps.

  • go to your start menu
  • left click your mouse on your control panel
  • click on programs

This will bring up a list of every program you have on your computer.  Left click your mouse on any program you want to uninstall.

Your computer can only be upgraded so much

Your computer can only be upgraded so much; eventually you will need to get a new one.  The hard drive on a computer can always be upgraded.  The hard drive saves all you programs, documents, photos and games.  I would suggest and internal hard drive.  Usually you have 2 slots on your mother board for ram.  Ram controls how fast your programs run on your computer.  If you are a speed demon this would be the first thing you might look at upgrading.

Smart Phones Tablets Computers are in Demand

Smart Phones Tablets and Computers are in Demand.  These devices make it easier for us to communicate and work.  My favorite companies would be Motorola, HTC and Sony.  Now a days there are so many companies to choose from.

Technology is changing everyday but at some point you’re going to buy one right?  Some people are spontaneous when buying things but others will get anything as long as it’s a touch screen.  Personally I don’t like touch screens at all.  Everybody wants a touch screen these days and all day there on Facebook.  I think when you go buy anything you should check around to see who has the best deal.  Black Friday is always a good day to wait for when going shopping for the latest electronics.

Technology is always changing

Computers are leading the way of everything we do. People can’t live without computers now a days. Technology is always getting better, the computer you bought yesterday is old. With this in mind  be happy with your investment. As long as your computer is 4 years or newer your pretty much up to date. The brain of a computer is the processor this is the most important part. The video card is the second most important. Think mainly about these 2 parts of the computer when your going to buy one.  What would you do without your computer?  The whole world would cease to exist lol.